Web Legal Terms Writing

Our comprehensive training in IT and Law enables us to analyze and advise on the possible scenarios that an online business will face, as well as address aspects of intellectual property rights, access to personal data, user and consumer rights, cookies policies and liability against potential claims and complaints.

Our services include the approach of legal issues related to online business. The increasing linking of users and consumers through online platforms requires that you report on your product or service in a clear, precise and sufficient manner as well as that your online company complies with the regulations in force that govern the rights and obligations of the parties.

The Legal Notice is a fundamental piece in every website, as well as its Administration Panel or its Front-End.

Not providing an adequate Legal Notice for your website means a potential risk to your business.

The wording of the Legal Terms and Conditions of Use of a web tool does not mean copying and pasting texts from one site to another. Your business is unique and with an assertive study of it we will prepare the Legal Notice according to your needs.

Respect your interests by making your business comply with the regulations in force!

A good Legal Notice avoids problems and reduces risks.

We have interdisciplinary professional training, which allows us to advise you transversally, writing a final product that integrates the legal and IT aspects

Contact us so that your online business counts right now with your customized Legal Advice!

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