HTML / CSS / JS Layouts

Our programming services are complemented by HTML, CSS and JavaScript Layout Development.

The responsive layout method responds to the need to adapt the design to the different screens on which it is reflected: mobile devices, tablets, computers.

The cross-browsing development will allow it to be displayed in all browsers: Safari, Google, Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Edge, Opera.

Our job is to ensure that the implementation of a design meets the notion of pixel perfect responsive design.

The elements must be located in such a way that they fulfill their purpose according to the device from which the site is navigated. The alignment and the spaces between them are aspects that we take into account to achieve a professional result and faithful to the design we receive for its layout.

The color palette, as well as its brightness and saturation, are components of the design respected by those who design in Pizzaferri Morrone. In Pizzaferri Morrone we observe protocols to take care of the definition, the size and the quality of the images since they are aspects that define the nobility of the final result.

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