Management systems developed from scratch

The success of a business is accompanied by the computer processes on which the daily rotation of the company's operations is based.

The processes are structured outside and inside the organization. We offer developing customized CRM and ERP tools.

A CRM or Custom RelationShip Manager is the tool for contacting the external customer. The purpose of the CRM is to achieve the link with it, but also that this link is simple, efficient and memorable. Then, the programming of a CRM system must achieve the purpose of its existence, but it must also do so using the best possible means. In short: an online IT system linked to the customer is an essential piece for the growth of a company and should be thought of taking this central concept as an operational axis: that your client enjoys your online link with the company.

An ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning is the tool that makes it possible to manage the organization inwards. We program web management systems that allow to systematize and automate processes (logistic, commercial, accounting), propitiating the optimization of resources and costs, enabling continuous improvement.

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